We are European Wheel Manufacturing, a fast growing, young, and dynamic company located in the center of the Netherlands, Zwolle. This centralized location is ideal for service to the European market. Our core business is ideal for a high quality service of bycicle wheels. Due to our flexible team of excellent wheel builders, we are able to handle single wheel assignments as well as mass production and everything in between. Whether you are a dealer, distributor or wheel/bicycle manufacturer, we can solve your problem. Bicycle wheels are our passion. Thanks to our hand build process with precision tools, every single wheel gets personalized.

We won’t stop until it’s perfect.

For a detailed description of our production and/or service process, please read our “EWM Processes" below:

The wheel building process is key for us. We want to build high quality wheels that last. We use professional equipment to carefully and accurately build our wheels. In order to achieve proper spoke tension, the spokes are de-stressed several times before completion. In order to ensure a high quality end product that customers can appreciate for thousands of miles, we check our wheels throughout the building process to guarantee spoke tension consistency, wheel strength, and other important elements. We care about the small details. Just because a wheel looks perfectly straight does not mean that it is built well or built to last. Having the right components in the wheel and monitoring the intricate details like spoke tension are the ones that will make your wheel last. One small mistake can indicate that your wheel won’t last and that's what we want to avoid. We include a step of rigorous tension control in our process. We want to provide high quality wheels that will still feel new even after thousands of miles.

We also offer special service, maintenance, and hub revision to the cycling teams: Non Stop, Keep Going, and Fast

For this reason, our wheels can often be seen in international and UCI races. Hand built carbon and aluminium wheels for:

  • Race/CX/Gravel and Track/Fixie Bikes
  • MTB
  • E-bikes
  • Hand-bike
  • BMX Bike
  • City bike

Passionate about building high quality wheels.